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Albany Empire Fundraising Program

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Looking for a fundraiser where you can enjoy a fun night out and at the same time raise significant funds for your organization/ charity? Look no further than the Albany Empire Fundraising Program presented by Pioneer Bank!

Fundraising Tickets are only $17

• Set your own ticket price (not exceeding face value of $27) •
• Anything collected above $17 will benefit your fundraiser •

Create a memorable night for your group with one of our game day experiences!

Field of Dreams

On-Field Performances

Rock the House

The Starting Lineup

National Anthem

Do the Math:

If your organization has 25 members, and each member is responsible for selling 4 tickets, you would sell at least 100 tickets!

Tickets Sold
Tickets Sold
Tickets Sold
Set your Ticket Price @ $20 Earn $300 Earn $450 Earn $600
Set your Ticket Price @ $24 Earn $700 Earn $1,050 Earn $1,400
Set your Ticket Price @ $27 Earn $1,000 Earn $1,500 Earn $2,000

Call 518-533-2200 for more information or fill out the form below

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